Organising your wardrobe for Christmas

Whether you are preparing to receive a bunch of new clothes for Christmas, have surplus funds you are going to use for a shopping spree or have just realised you own too many clothes – now is the perfect time to do a wardrobe overhaul and go through all of your clothes. At times life gets super busy and we see a nice top that we like or a new pair of shoes and think why not! Each time you do this your wardrobe slowly starts to grow and you end up getting to the point of not being able to close the drawers or doors.

New fashions come out, the seasons change and so do our likes and tastes – why not use these opportunities to buy more. However it is not only good for your wardrobe but also for your mind to go through and do a clean out every now and again, at least once a year.

Go through and take out all the clothes that you no longer wear or don’t think you will wear again. The formal dress from 15 years ago? The overalls you wore as a 15 year old? The size 8 clothes you know you will never sadly fit back into? If you have not worn something in more than 6 months the likelihood of you wearing it again is very low. But what do you do with the piles of clothes and shoes you want to get rid of?

Buy & Sell – Joining your local buy and sell pages, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are great places to sell your unwanted items. You will never get back the amount you paid for something however you can normally get a few dollars per piece of clothes. Add all that up and you have enough money for a few new pieces to put in your emptied wardrobe. Brand name pieces can go for a bit more. There is also the option of ebay where you are likely to get a higher price, however you will need to pay fees on your sale. When selling online it is best to have your meeting place as a local shop or park to avoid giving your home address out.

Swap Party – A great way to clear out your cupboard but also get a chance to fill it with different and exciting pieces is to have a swap party. Get all your friends together and have them sort their wardrobes out as well. Everyone bring their pieces along to the one house and let the swapping begin. What may not fit you or your style anymore may be perfect for some of your friends and visa versa.

Donate – There are numerous charities set up to help with aiding those less fortunate with clothes. Many homeless people, those in refuges and domestic violence survivors do not have much more than what they have on their back. A lovely gesture of providing them with some quality clothing to keep warm and change into does the world of good. Before putting items into a charity bin near your local shops research where the items go. Many of the bins are now commercially owned and the clothes goes into second hand stores and are sold. This is not overly bad as people are still able to get clothes at a discounted price, however if you want to ensure that they go directly to a person in need – do a bit of research first.

The feeling of a cleaning spree is such a great feeling. Seeing the change you have made and seeing how much room you have will put a smile on your face. Remember don’t fill it back up too quickly 😉