Casual Work Wear

Casual work wardrobe

Due to a recent pandemic (do not worry we will not mention the dreaded C word!) a lot of women have been required to only enter the office a few days per week rather than full time. Other women are working full time from home.

If you do need to go to the office chances are you will not be seeing clients face to face and a more casual attire will be accepted rather then the usual formal work suit.

We have put together below some ideas for your casual work attire to help you maximise your wardrobe but still be comfy at work because life is too short to be uncomfortable are we right ladies?!

Casual Work Wear
Featuring our Issy leopard pants with our Black Ellis Shirt


Black Blazer Betty Basics Work Wear

Featuring our Jordan Blazer, Ariana Tee and our Mollie Jeans